Tuesday, April 13, 2010







I let off some steam with Steampunk last week! Forgive the horrid pun. Can't wait to make Joycean creations that have the element of Victorian & Edwardian romance and sensibility (which of course Joyce loathed) and harsh punk technology and gadgetry. I cannot wait to experiment with this new genre and add perhaps a modernist, futurist, Dadaist twist! Hope you enjoy these new creations. Let me know what you think!

A) "Kick Up Your Heels"; made with black chain, an antique door hinge and key, reproduction antique sprockets and gears, vintage buttons wire wrapped, and paper.

B) "This Way Out"; made with various scrapbooking materials, small paper flowers, reproduction antique gamer spinners, freshwater pearls--dyed various colors, gold filigree, clock parts, a commemorative stamp of a Rhode Island Windmill, gunmetal chain, scraps of an old Engineering textbook, and a belt buckle.

C) "Tonobungay"; Inspired by H.G. Wells's novel of the selfsame title. Made with glass beads, wire, gunmetal chain, reproduction antique typewriter keys, clock parts, reproduction antique sprockets and gears, scraps from an old Engineering textbook, scrapbook materials, and an old stamp "Pharmacy."

D) "Time Flies"; It sure does with this necklace (already sold). Made with gold butterfly filigree, clock parts, antique button and key that I got from a flea market in Paris, gunmetal chain, scraps from an old Engineering textbook, a sticker--modern but cute, dyed pearls and seed beads, and of course, the fabulous green flower button bead--also obtained in Paris for an extraordinary fee. Best buttons I ever bought (even though they were 3 Euro a pop! Yipes!).

E) "Clocks in the Windmill"; My favorite creation of the bunch. Made with silver and gold filigree, dyed pearls, gunmetal chain, wire, plaid ribbon, Rhode Island 1790 Stamp, clock parts, gold key, antique reproduction gears and sprockets, antique reproduction game spinner, scrapbook materials, paper flowers, and jump rings!


  1. Hey Sam!~
    I met you at the show this weekend (I had the little blonde girl with me) Love your creations! Steampunk is so gorgeous and I love all the little details.