Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bloomsday Challenge: Day Four

"Ulysses Clock"

There is so much creativity this year leading up to Bloomsday—I think in part because of the “Ulysses Meets Twitter 2011” experiment. Tweeting Ulysses got me thinking about how to represent an episode in 140 characters or less. I thought about how to condense the episodes even further—if I had to pick one line, word, or phrase from each episode which stood out as the most recognizable?

All of these thoughts lead me to creating a “Ulysses Clock.” The episodes are in order—for example, “Telemachus” is the first episode and represents 1:00. After episode 12, there is an overlap.

While not as intricate as my previous pieces, it’s a fun piece. I have limited abilities and knowledge of clock-making though this Craftzine video was certainly helpful (I recommend it to those of you who try this):

Here’s a list of the “times”:

1:00 (Telemachus & Nausicca): “snotgreen sea” & “O!”

2:00 (Nestor & Oxen of the Sun): “history” & “wombfruit”

3:00 (Proteus & Circe): “dogsbody” & “ashplant

4:00 (Calypso & Eumaeus): “Metempsychosis” & “cabman’s shelter”

5:00 (Lotus-Eaters & Ithaca): “Pear’s Soap” & “When?”

6:00 (Hades & Penelope): “Poor Dignam” & “yes”

7:00 (Aeolus): “IMPROMPTU”

8:00 (Lestroygonians): “U.P.:up”

9:00 (Scylla & Charybdis): “The one about Hamlet

10:00 (Wandering Rocks): “Father Conmee”

11:00 (Sirens): “Jingle. Bloo”

12:00 (Cyclops): “the citizen”

I'd like to note that the times I have listed are not the times when these episodes occur. I felt that there would be more overlap and the clock would be harder to read. So instead of "Telemachus" representing 8:00, the episode represents 1:00 as it is the first episode of Ulysses.

13 days till Bloomsday!

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