Friday, June 10, 2011

Bloomsday Challenge: Day Ten

June 10: “Bloomusalem”

This necklace is inspired by a passage from “Circe”:


My beloved subjects, a new era is about to dawn. I, Bloom, tell you verily it is even now at hand. Yea, on the word of a Bloom, ye shall ere long enter into the golden city which is to be, the new Bloomusalem in the Nova Hibernia of the future.

Though my version of “Bloomusalem” does not look anything like “a colossal edifice, with crystal roof, built in the shape of a huge pork kidney,” it does relay the idea of a new community blossoming (U 484). Sorry for the pun—I think this passage echoes Bloom’s walk to Dlugacz’s Butcher Shop in “Calypso” when he sees the advertisements for “Zion” and wanders through a Waste-Landian space. Rather than a grey world surrounded by corpses and death, in “Circe” there is a birth of a new homeland even if it’s only imagined. This phrase has always stuck with me and I have finally actualized it!

Only 7 more days till Bloomsday!

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