Monday, June 15, 2009

"Wandering Rocks"

"The superior, the very reverend John Conmee S.J., reset his smooth watch in his interior pocket as he came down the presbytery steps. Five to three. Just nice time to walk to Artane. What was the boy's name again? Dignam, yes....

* * * *

The cavalcade passed out by the lower gate of Phoenix Park saluted by obsequious policemen and proceeded past Kings bridge along the northern quays. The viceroy was most cordially greeted on his way through the metropolis" (U 219/252).

The necklace is very literal, made up of bits of rock and stone. Wound around the three strands of rock are two individual strands that weave around the necklace, much like the cavalcade (the black strand) and the Reverend Conmee (the gray strand) twine 'round the people of the "Wandering Rocks" episode who wander the streets of Dublin. And just as the Reverend Conmee and viceregal cavalcade do not corss paths, neither do the two strands of beads.

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